Bash Cherry Pie

Bash Cherry Pie - Hybrid


The Finest Hand Rolled California Bud
Our Cherry Pie is the result of combining the very best that heavy Indica strains have to offer. Being the offspring of the Grand daddy Purple and OG Kush, Cherry Pie is an extremely dense and colorful bud, who's sweet aroma tastes like smooth cherry pie when you exhale. Most people experience a strong sense of euphoria that is known to come on within minutes and last for several hours. This strong indica will sit you down and put a smile on your face. :)

Best For:  Relaxation, Chronic Pain and Anxiety

What's Inside: Each pack contains five individually wrapped and sealed premium grade organic  marijuana cigarettes.  A total 3.5 gram net weight of pure hand rolled organic bud. Also included is one resealable plastic roach container to hold unused opened joints.

$60.00 Plus Tax
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